Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday Freebies and Linking to Images

Hello lovely people! Today I've got made some super simple banners for sidebar linking. If you've got a blog page on Facebook, Twitter and you want to let people find an easy way to email you - then these are perfect for that.

I've done 3 sets of 3 images to start with, in green, purple and blue - but if you'd like to see more of these in another colour let me know and I'll try and add it in here.

Of course, these are not a lot of good if you don't know how to link to them - so I'll explain that now!

There are two options you have. Firstly, you can insert these as a picture and then link to them individually as 3 pictures. That's not necessarily a bad option, but unless you want to start making changes in your template - they will probably end up looking like this:

I prefer to group these together (like I have on my sidebar here), so an alternative option which I recommend is to add these as HTML (and don't worry, you can do that very easily in your sidebar elements).

In order to do that, you'll need to start by uploading the images you want to use to a photo hosting site such as Photobucket.

Once you've uploaded them on there, go into Blogger and go to the 'Design' page. Select 'Add an element' for your sidebar and then select the option that says 'HTML/Java Script'.

This will cause a window to pop up in which you can enter a title and a space for the code.

You'll then need to enter the following code and make the changes outlined below:

<div align="center"> <a href="URL1" target="_blank"><img alt="Image Name1" src="Image URL1"/></a> </div>

<div align="center"> <a href="URL2" target="_blank"><img alt="Image Name2" src="Image URL2"/></a> </div>

<div align="center"> <a href="URL3" target="_blank"><img alt="Image Name3" src="Image URL3"/></a> </div>

Once you have that code, you then need to change the following:
URL - This needs to be replaced with the link that you want to direct the reader to. Eg. The Twitter image will link to your Twitter page, Facebook to Facebook page and so on.
Image Name - Just enter a short phrase to describe the image. Eg.. Twitter button.
Image URL - This is the URL or web address of the image that you've uploaded to Photobucket and it should look something similar to this...

After you've made the changes outlined, click save and then position the element where you'd like it to appear in your side bar.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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